Three Weavers Knotty Double IPA - Now available ON TAP at The Brig!

This beer just won the brewers Gold Medal. It's a hoppy beer contest among brewers in California, Oregon, Washington state. The actual brewers vote on the beers blindly and yes...... Alex Nowell of Three Weavers Brewing Company won!  She is one of only a handful of women brewmasters in California. Her beers represent what beer should taste like and the Brewery, located in Inglewood, represents what the Southland is capable of. It's an amazing beer, judge for yourself. 

Three Weavers Knotty DIPA 8.5% It is now our strongest beer on tap. At just $7 its a muhfuggin steeeeeeal.

Coming Up in March:

-21st amendment brewing Watermelon Wheat. It's a another short run but worth it. 

-ModernTimes Booming Rollers IPA

-Three Weavers tap take over

-Staff field tip to El Segundo Brewing and Three Weavers Brewing


Down the Road This Spring:

-Three weavers grapefruit kolsch

-Ale smith .394 pale ale

Fun times at The Brig!!