Drink California - Now Pouring California Gin from Big Sur

As a part of our "Drink California" movement we are proud to serve a California gin from Big Sur. 

The basis of all gin is any kind of neutral spirit. Typically made from grains, the neutral spirit must be distilled to a minimum of 96% alcohol by volume and have a very small amount of impurities. The best spirits for making gin have no flavor at all so that nothing interferes with the taste of the botanicals. Calivore Big Sur Gin has a neutral spirit distilled from local wine grapes. This gives the gin an unusual silky feel, allowing for the spirit to flow smoothly over your tastebuds, unlocking hidden flavors and tasting notes.----Next comes the best part: flavoring! While there are a few ways of flavoring gin, the preferred method is column distilled gin. The neutral spirits are distilled again, with a basket of botanicals suspended above the bottom of the pot, allowing the vapors of the pick up the herbs’ essential oils as they pass through. Standard gins use juniper as the foremost flavoring, giving them that “giny” flavor. Typically 6 to 10 different botanicals are used for most gins.Big Sur Gin uses 12 herbs, including juniper, sage, yerba santa, bay, fennel, and elderberry. Most of these are found naturally in Big Sur along the California Central Coast, giving our gin its name and its distinctive taste.

The gin is then mixed with pure water to cut it to an acceptable proof and abv (80 proof and 40% for Big Sur Gin)